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Woodland Birch Bark Cake Tutorial

Woodland Birch Bark Cake Tutorial

Woodland Birch Bark Cake  – made with butter cream / frosting This buttercream or frosting cake is beautiful on its own and also makes a great background for an intricate sugar craft sculpture like my woodland mouse, meringue mushrooms or sugar ferns. (In my darker […]

How to make The Raw Turkey Cake

How to make The Raw Turkey Cake

Serve raw turkey this Thanksgiving This was originally created for Christmas after I had made one too many beautiful wedding cakes and needed a change. He has international fans now… he even has a name but I’ve been told that’s creepy so lets just call […]

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Wound Cleaning Maggot Cupcakes

Wound Cleaning Maggot Cupcakes

Tickle your friends taste buds with these Maggot Cupcakes…

Maggot Cupcakes

The medical practice of using live fly larvae to clean wounds is recreated in marzipan cupcakes for your delectation.

These were originally for an event at the beautiful, Victorian Barts Pathology Museum London – a hidden gem for fans of human specimens.


  • As many cupcakes as you please – each with around 0.5 to 1cm deep frosting/buttercream
  • Red, and black food colouring
  • White Marzipan (leave as is or colour to desired skin tone)
  • Sugar syrup or edible piping gel
  • Paint brushes


  1. Using a round cutter that is at least a size bigger than the top of your cupcakes cut a circle of thinly rolled marzipan for each cupcake.
  2. Place the marzipan over the buttercream top and with your hands smooth around the top of the cupcake. This locks your buttercream in.
  3. Shape the marzipan into a wound using a bone tool or your little finger (if you have short nails). Make them all slightly different. These ones were based on ulcers and if you want to get creative/gross yourself out, have a look at pictures of real wounds for this stage.
  4. Dilute the red food colouring with a glaze (sugar syrup or piping gel work well) and paint the wounds. The marzipan already looks like healthy skin so you can just paint the wound areas.
  5. Roll some marzipan into a very thin, long sausage and snip into maggot lengths with scissors. You’ll need around 7 for each cupcake (odd numbers always work best I find)
  6. Round both ends of each maggot by rolling against your finger.
  7. Paint one end of each maggot black for the head and, if you have the patience, paint a few little black stripes on each body for the segments.
  8. Scatter the maggots artistically on to your cupcakes. Arrange some away from the centre to give impression they will crawl over the edge if you watch them for too long…
Sarah Hardy’s sponge cake recipe

Sarah Hardy’s sponge cake recipe

Sponge cake recipe – Good for stacking and carving and very lovely… Makes one  25.5cm x 37cm (10” x 14.5”) sheet of cake which you can bake in a roasting tin like this for instance. Just grease and line it as you would a cake […]