How to make The Raw Turkey Cake


  1. Bake all cakes the day before, cool, wrap and leave to rest 24hrs before stacking and carving
  2. Print out the templates to the size you want – (make sure the FIRST LAYER template fits into the dish you intend to serve it on with a good centimeter space all around).
  3. Copy the templates onto greaseproof paper and cut them out.

Raw Turkey Cake Initial LayersLayering

  1. Place the FIRST LAYER template centrally on first sheet cake and cut around it.
  2. Do the same with SECOND LAYER & THIRD LAYER templates on your second sheet of cake. Wrap any offcuts as they will be used later.
  3. Place your FIRST LAYER onto your cake board and add a layer of frosting/buttercream to top surface.
  4. Position SECOND LAYER and THIRD LAYERs with buttercream in between.
  5. Cut out two BREAST FILLETS from the left-overs and position them with frosting/buttercream.

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