How to make The Raw Turkey Cake

  1. Crumb coat your cake with any colour buttercream and if you have space put it in the freezer for 30 mins to firm up.
  1. Using your third sheet of cake cut out two each of templates LEG No 1, LEG No2 and WING
  2. Shape your two wing sections (here in blue so that you can see them more clearly) and stick to the cake with frosting/buttercream
    If you need things to firm up at any stage then put the cake in the freezer for 10 mins (do not fully freeze it).
  3. Next stick both LEG No1s to the sides of the cake with frosting/buttercream.
  1. Fix both LEG No2s to the LEG No 1s with frosting/buttercream.
  2. Carve the upper legs to shape and crumb coat them
  3. Make two foreleg bones out of the crispy treats or white modelling chocolate using template LEG No 3 as a guide. Squish the treats together tightly to shape them and freeze for 15 mins to firm them once you have the right shape.
  4. Add these forelegs to the bird and crumb coat with with buttercream frosting
  5. Give the whole bird a careful layer of buttercream in red with odd patches here and there in purple or blue to make it look really raw later on – look at your real life references to see where the blue bits are.

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