How to make The Raw Turkey Cake

The Turkey Skin

  1. Raw Turkey Cake - Marzipan BallsRoll out a very thin sausage of marzipan and snip it into teeny tiny pieces of an even size then roll them into balls
  2. Push these balls into the surface of your buttercream in rows around the body look at your real life pictures for an accurate placement. Your bird should now look utterly ridiculous.
  3. Cover your cake in one piece with thinly rolled marzipan. There is no denying that this bit is tricky but a marzipan turkey is a wonderfully forgiving bird as any rips or holes can be filled and made to look like realistic ripples, stretched skin and lumps.
  4. Below is an example of me filling a rip around the leg with a sausage of rolled marzipan and smoothing it in with my warm hand and a rounded tool. It sticks to itself nicely without need of glue or frosting.
  5. The marzipan ripped around the bird’s cavity when covering so I just took an offcut of the rolled out marzipan, placed it over the ripped area and smoothed the joins together

Adding the Final Details

  1. Add details of plucked wing tips, stretches and the like by sticking on blobs and sausages of marzipan and tooling them with a blunt knife or Dresden tool if you have one.
  2. Add a semi circular section of thinly rolled marzipan for the neck-flap and pinch it to make it look irregular.
  3. Roll four balls of marzipan or white modelling chocolate and smooth them onto the ends of the severed leg to make the knuckle joints.
  4. Tie the ends of the legs together with string for that ‘oven ready’ look.
  5. Now, using a cake lifter, slide the bird into your roasting tray.
  6. Leaving your bird overnight for the colours to bleed and spread will give a much more fleshy look.
  1. Glaze your bird with syrup just before serving to keep it looking glossy.

What you now should have is something like the following

Now, make sure take a pictures of your turkey and add them into the comments section below so I can see them!

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